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Imagine it was a job interview, tell us about Phenny Up to date I still fumble with this question. Phenny is a comms specialist currently venturing into digital media and creating content on these platforms. I am a seasoned traveler and a hobbyist writer. Being a wanderlust, every day I hope I will get to […]

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HAPPY 2020

One month into the year and we haven’t met. Shame on me! Should I still say happy New Year guys? Not sure? Me too. (lol I don’t know what to type next). Any way let’s just wish you a blessed year ahead, more love, more travels and more sunrise proposals to my single people. My […]

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To 2019 onto 2020

First things first get your YouTube bundles and listen to “Nimeuona mkono wako Bwana” by Zabron singers then come back and comment on God’s deed in your life in 2019.  Honestly this year no words are enough to describe my gratitude, especially for the support I have gotten from family, friends and you my readers. […]

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If writing this blog post was a competency-based curriculum (CBC) our new education system, I would be approaching excellence, Eliud would be Exceeding excellence and Chinku, just excellent. Eliud did his post immediately after arrival and Chinku probably 2 days later. Truth be told I have been in and out of hospital since we got […]

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Smile~ Diani edition

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me more. Wedding bells? Yes definitely yes. This year? Fingers crossed for that. Every journey starts with one step and every love story has a beginning and an end. Most of you and your partners met […]

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What else does A GIRL want in elementaita?

Yvonne ‘ulisomea shule uhost mazishi kutoka’ Thursday ‘au’ group of schools? I am still in stitches on this one. Trust me I had a better intro until 3 minutes ago when I left guys googling the meaning of a few English words I had used during our conversation. For the records, I plan on googling […]

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Sun & Sand

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Easter and will be your hostess during this trip, we leave Nairobi at 1000 hours and arrive at Mombasa by early morning just in time for sunrise with one stop at Mtito Andei. Did I just spoil your flight thoughts? (heheee). Those were the last words I […]

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It’s a Saturday afternoon just after good Friday. We are out on this amazing Anka resort garden (on narumoru-nanyuki highway) with Brian my nephew who is busy on the tablet and Tonia my niece busy stressing this tinny boy to push her swing. Lunch seems to be taking forever to get served and am just […]

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HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY VALENTINES!! Ladies, how many avoid swimming after a new hairdo? Especially the first two weeks of the new hair? I can hear most of you shout meeeee! Phenny, on the other hand, is having a big head knowing she’s team shave (sugar coat it to team natural). This month not […]

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