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And to September babies

Two years ago someone’s son sent me a 6-inch designer heel for my birthday. The thought was exciting but the gift was not. The highest heel I can walk in is 3 inches. ‘ngomas’ are bae. See when someone asks what you want and you shout anything that could mean anything; a bag of waru, […]

Guest Etiquette ~Loita Hills

In my years of travel, I haven’t experienced hostile hosts so far. I hope this remains the case for life. I have read horrific stories on evil hosts, border harassments not to mention racism stories. This is not to say I haven’t read amazing ones even better experienced them. Last year we did Loita hills […]

The Hidden gem-Lake edition

We all have heard or watched the news on the drowning lakes in Baringo county lately. A sad and happy story. Sad in that people have had to relocate. It is one thing to claim from the government when they demolish a property for road expansion and it is another thing to claim anything when […]


Believe me, ad rather be typing this from Lamu on a dhow in a *** but life has me doing it in Nairobi. Lamu! Lamu! Lamu! A song I have sung since 2017 and it’s not about to end. The only difference in the song is that I will now sing of its goodness. A […]