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Rusinga and Takawiri Homa Beach Day 3

All that has a beginning has an end but what a caterpillar calls the end a butterfly calls it the beginning. The last day means the end of the trip but on this particular trip, it meant the beginning of new memories and friendships for me. Breakfast, shower, unpitched tents and off we set for takawiri island on a water bus. Takawiri island is one of the 19 islands on Lake Victoria; the lake...

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Rusinga and Takawiri Homa Beach Day 2

My tent mate Njuguna woke me up at 6:00 am to go catch the sunrise but being more of a sunset person I decided to snooze his wakeup call to around 6:15 am. “Wake up Yvonne, sunrise means a new chance and day to start all over again,” He said. “And sunset means time to […]

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Rusinga and Takawiri Homa Beach

Heard the slogan “sihami kilimani mums”? That is soo me. Why should I leave after finding a Rusinga island trip posted there? Why should I leave when I make sales there? Why should I leave when I have purchased good stuff from the sellers in it? Social media usage? It all depends on what you choose to do with it

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Africa’s Longest Snake

Remember when you couldn’t wait to get to form 2 or 3 to drop some of the subjects? That was Yvonne in 2010! History vs geography? I had no second thoughts when it came to this two. Geography was a NO for me. Why would I want to study rocks? Why would I want to be in “her” class? (Her classes came before the lunch break and she made sure to extend even after the second lunch bell had rung....

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